Social Skills Groups @ Yellow Door

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“You can’t learn social skills on your own”


Social Skills Groups are run by a registered music therapist and speech pathologist. Various music and language social groups are run on Saturdays during school terms, catering for a wide range of abilities and learning goals. These small groups aim to provide children with social interaction and communication difficulties an opportunity to learn by experiencing and doing in a supportive peer group environment. The format is based on the SOCIAL THINKING CURRICULUM (Copyright Michelle Garcia Winner), encouraging and modelling concepts such as working in a group, following the group plan, hidden rules, making a smart guess, understanding emotions, and whole body listening etc. All of our groups have the Zones of Regulation (Copyright Leah Kuypers) program as a foundation, and these self-regulation strategies are explicitly taught using songs and play activities.  

Children will be matched to a group based on their stage of development and their strengths. An initial 1:1 session prior to group is a requirement.

The size of the groups ranges from 4-6 children with our experienced music therapist and speech pathologist.


Typical learning goals might include:

  • Joint attention/ Reciprocity

  • Concentration

  • Emotional regulation/ separation

  • Turn taking and sharing

  • Following a routine

  • Listening/ following directions

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills

  • Fine and gross motor development

  • Pretend play

  • Playing WITH peers

  • Understanding emotion (our own and others’)

  • Self/mutual regulation

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