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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapists are healthcare professionals specialising in child development, with a background in education and/or other fields of healthcare.

A child's job is to play. From experiences of play, children learn how to be in the world, what makes up the world, and how to interact with the world and others. 

Different types of play teach children different skills. For example, Object Play teaches problem solving. Pretend Play leads to the development of language, creativity and imagination, and an understanding of how the world works. Interactive/Social Play, including rough-and-tumble, role play and collaborative play, teaches children an understanding of social expectations, and how to initiate and remain in interaction with peers. 

Our Play Therapist will work with your child to develop different types of play skills within a family centred framework. The role of the family is very important in early play, so our play therapist will provide resources and strategies to help you discover new ways to play with your child at home.

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