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Do you need a song? Are you working with children who are presenting with challenging behaviours? Do you find it hard to get your child to sleep at night? Is your child late to talk?


Our team can help!


Just as songs can help children learn times tables and the alphabet, they can also help children with more abstract skills, such as: "How do I know if you're my friend?", "When I get cross, I stomp my feet", "I say stop I don't like it", staying on task until it's time to pack up. 


Our therapists can create a song for the specific needs of your child, with appropriate developmental and language level. Music is a language that can help you get your message accross. We can write you a short, simple, catchy song, that could focus on language aquisition, group time, following instructions, moving from task to task, encouraging positive behaviours, assisting children to self-regulate, and increasing length of attention. 


If you would like us to write you a song, purchase our Song Builder and download the song building form which you can fill out and email to us at: 






By purchasing this product I agree that all copyright pertaining to lyrics and music will remain the property of Trish Dearn. Purchasing this song in no way entitles me to reproduce or record this song without permission from the author.

Song Builder

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