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The Together Stories are a series of eight story books written by Trish Dearn and illustrated by Lonica Lee. Written to assist young children adapt to the physical and psychological changes associated with cancer treatment and life after cancer, these books offer a creative way for parents to help their child find their voice. The eight books are available for purchase as a set or individually.

  • Georgie and Her Hairy Adventure helps children cope with reactions to their hair growing back again after cancer treatment.

  • Charlie and Jackyboy provides strategies for children to help adapt back into the home environment after cancer treatment.

  • Harry and the Happysads Mystery explores feelings about finishing cancer treatment for children and their families.

  • Tom’s Song explores feelings about coping with the end of cancer treatment and learning how to co-exist in the medical and normal world, and making friends.

  • Lola and the Swing* helps children discover that change and trying new things can be fun after all.

  • Ivy and Her Magical Friends* helps children cope with strange noises at night-time on hospital wards.

  • Things That Make Me Feel Better* provides children with strategies to deal with issues around illness and feelings about being in hospital

  • My Story*, this book is blank for children to write their own story and to understand that their story is as important as the others in the book set.

*These four books, whilst of specific benefit for cancer patients, are relevant to all children undergoing hospital treatment.

The Together Stories

About Irene Sandjaja RMT
BMus, MMus Thrp











Irene Sandjaja is a Registered Music Therapist in Melbourne, currently working at Monash Children’s Hospital and in private practice working with clients and their families across the lifespan in areas of early childhood, disabilities and aged care with dementia. She sings, plays the guitar, the piano and the ukulele. Irene also has a degree in Music Composition (Classical) and is about to complete the international Neurologic Music Therapy training at the end of 2016.

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