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Therapy Songs

Hello - Therapy Songs for Emerging Language
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Trish Dearn is the creator of the 'Little Songs, Big Ideas' series. These therapy songs have been written in collaboration with multiple allied health professionals (Speech Pathologists, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Play Therapist ), as well as parents and early educators. All songs have been tested in 1 to 1 therapy sessions, early education settings, and in the home and car. They are easy to implement, and to engage both individual and groups of children. At the bottom of this page you will also find the song builder tool where we can write a song to fit the specific needs of your child.
Below you can listen to an example of our therapy songs.
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Little Songs, Big Ideas: Catchy Everyday Songs For Early Learners

These songs were composed for use in music/speech therapy work with young children with early language needs. The intention is to stimulate the capacity of young children to engage in simple people interaction songs and to articulate early gestures of engagement, words and phrases. Many of these songs can be used as familiar routine markers throughout the day for a preschool child.

This album was produced in collaboration with Speech Pathologist and Family Therapist Marnie Cameron.

Little Songs, Big Ideas: Therapy Songs for Emerging Language

This album by Trish Dearn and Helen Shoemark encourages early sounds and phrases in young children. We intentionally combine melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo and timbre (use of children's voices) to create memorable songs which motivate early learners to join in and get to know their own voices. Each song has been assessed in a clinical setting after consultation with Speech Pathologist Georgia Olymbios. Previous research has indicated that the car is an optimal place for song-listening, but all songs are also suitable for home, school, and therapy settings. 

Little Songs, Big Ideas: Therapy Songs for Early Interactions

This album encourages early sounds and phrases in young children and early interaction. The songs leave space for intentional communication cues such as gesture, looking and vocalising. 'Therapy Songs For Early Interactions' was produced in response to family requests for song material to play at home, and provides an engaging platform for parents, grandparents, carers and educators to engage with the small children in their charge, whilst encouraging fundamental interactive communication and increased vocabulary.

Little Songs, Big Ideas: Therapy Songs for Kinder Routines

Merri Community Health Services (MCHS) speech pathologist Monique Kennedy and Trish Dearn have developed this CD with local early childhood educators. It has been created as a tool to assist childcare and kindergarten educator to design programs that are inclusive and promote wellbeing for all children. This album has been written with the Early Years Learning Framework (Dept. of Education and Training, 2009) learning outcomes in mind. Specifically, children's emotional and social wellbeing, self regulation, connection and inclusion, engagement and effective communication.

Little Songs, Big Ideas: Time to Listen, Space to Sing

       Song Pairs


This album was recorded after several requests from families to have popular nursery rhymes at a slower speed for their children to be able to process and sing along. Trish has recorded 7 of the most popular early childhood songs in Australia, specifically to allow children to hear and understand the words, and to have the time to add their own sounds. The songs have been recorded with one voice and simple guitar accompaniment, in keys that are easy to sing and in the conversational frequency range. Many childhood song CDs have complicated musical production and arrangements, however research shows that limiting the number of instruments provides better access to the verbal content. These songs are ideal for car use, as the simple regulating rhythms may assist your child to be able to remain regulated and in the optimal zone for learning. They can also be used in early education settings, as children have reported that they find them  calming.

Little Songs, Big Ideas: Song Builder


Music is a language that can help you get your message across.

Do you need a song?


Are you working with children who are presenting with challenging behaviors? Do you find it hard to get your child to sleep at night? Is your child late to talk?


Our team can help!

Just as songs can help children learn times tables and the alphabet, they can also help children with more abstract skills, such as: "How do I know if you're my friend?", "When I get cross, I stomp my feet", "I say stop I don't like it", staying on task until it's time to pack up. 

Our therapists can create a song for the specific needs of your child, with appropriate developmental and language level. We can write you a short, simple, catchy song, that could focus on language acquisition, group time, following instructions, moving from task to task, encouraging positive behaviors, assisting children to self-regulate, increasing length of attention, social skills etc.

If you would like us to write you a song, purchase our Song Builder and download the song building form which you can fill out and email to us at: 

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