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This album was recorded after several requests from families to have popular nursery rhymes at a slower speed for their children to be able to process and sing along. Trish has recorded 7 of the most popular early childhood songs in Australia, specifically to allow children to hear and understand the words, and to have the time to add their own sounds. The songs have been recorded with one voice and simple guitar accompaniment, in keys that are easy to sing and in the conversational frequency range. Many childhood song CDs have complicated musical production and arrangements, however research shows that limiting the number of instruments provides better access to the verbal content. These songs are ideal for car use, as the simple regulating rhythms may assist your child to be able to remain regulated and in the optimal zone for learning. They can also be used in early education settings, as children have reported that they find them  calming.


           Song Pairs ( Time to Listen + Space to Sing)


Each song has been recorded twice, making up a song pair. The first song (time to listen) is sung slowly and simply with limited accompaniment, in order for your child to have time to process the words. The second song (space to sing) has been recorded with gaps in the vocal line, to provide your child with an opportunity to try making a gesture, sound, or word. Ideally, play the time to listen song, then follow immediately with the space to sing.

You can download the song pairs from the links below.

Little Songs, Big Ideas:

Time to Listen, Space to Sing

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